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Marissa Elizabeth.  That’s the full name.  I give you permission to use it should I say something truly offensive, which I’m sure at some point I will.  But it won’t be the dirty kind of offensive (okay, it MIGHT be if I’m feeling cheeky), it will be the kind of offense that one feels when the other is stubborn and perhaps, just perhaps, a little naive.

I feel confident in saying I’m the youngest of the club, and therefore have had less time to be exposed to AS MUCH music as others have.  I only use this as my crutch when it suits me.  Sometimes I blame my Midwestern upbringing, other times, I know that I have absolutely no good defense for liking what I like or nominating what I nominate, and I like it that way, and only sometimes apologize for it.

Although I now prefer the indie music scene (in all honesty, I’m not even sure what that means, I just know that’s what hipsters say, but there seems to be some debate about who those truly are, so who knows) there was a time before, alright a rough adolescence, filled with oldies, then country, then pop.  I was an unabashed slave to Nsync, and boy bands in general, but not Backstreet Boys, god no!  But that has now passed.  No, no, that’s not a Justin Timberlake poster under my bed, look back at me!

More often than not I get defensive and flustered, but that’s because I’m passionate about music and about caring about music (and caring about things in general).  I’m a stereotype and a cliche and a conundrum, all at the same time.  It really is quite exhausting.

When I’m not listening to music I’m watching movies, that I sometimes review, I’m reading books, that I sometimes become obsessed with, I’m writing a blog, that sometimes, people read, or I’m podcasting with friends.  When I’m not doing that I’m buying magazines at an alarming rate that I only sometimes read, but like to have anyway.  Someday I’ll make one of those “lifeboards” I hear so much abut and then I’ll need them.  I also dabble in different workouts and someday want to punch something, though it should probably be inanimate.  I don’t really have the insurance to cover anything beyond that.

I hope you enjoy our little endeavor of a blog as much as we do! (I actually mean it when I used exclamation points and try to avoid using more than 4, I mean can anyone every really be that excited about anything?!?!)

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