Seth Surmises – Master of Puppets

Metallica- Master of Puppets

Preconceptions: My most vivid impression of Metallica is Dan Forcelli shouting down Warrant fans in 3rd period Study Hall, followed by the 1-2 punch of an inelegant Napster lawsuit and a therapy documentary, which required Lars & Co to bring back Dave Mustaine to be whinier than they were. While I never embraced Dan’s call for “death to false metal”, I have come around to see their side of the Napster thing.

After Listening: As impressed as I am at their guitar skills, it’s nowhere as impressed as THEY are.

Favorite Tracks: Orion- All the cha-chunka-crunch and musical complexity without the dopey lyrics from the back of a D&D character sheet.
Least Favorite: Welcome Home (Sanitarium) Oh, misunderstood teen… when will the Man let you free of the crushing suburban oppression?

Overall: Springing Venus-like from Zeus’ greasy 14 year-old forehead, Metallica songs are the musical equivalent of Tom Clancy novels: Longer than they need to be and not as good now as when you were in Junior High. I get the market for angst metal. It fills the same teen emotional need as Twilight does for girls but it’s not for life after graduation.

Rating: 2.5

Extra Credit: Coheed & Cambria- In Keeping Secrets of Silent Earth: 3

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