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Preconceived Notions:  I’ve heard “Enter Sandman” close to a million times.  I know that Lars wasn’t a big fan of Napster and really managed to piss a lot of people off.  I know that I’ve watched their Behind the Music.  I know that this is “metal” and I was, for a while in high school, a little afraid of metal.  I’m not nearly as frightened of Metallica as I was of other bands who were a little darker, I’m looking at you Pantera.  Stereotypes are a real bitch to ignore in high school.  I always got the feeling that for many people who were into this genre Metallica kind of became the Green Day, meaning that they put out a couple of really good albums and then got accused of “selling out” and lost some of the core fan base, but picked up a lot of more generic music listeners.  This probably means it will at least be palatable to me.  I’ve heard the name of this album a lot, so I’ll give it a listen.

As Listening/After Listening: I would actually listen to just the instrumental tracks of this.  It’s much more musical than I ever gave it credit for.  I, in general, think that lyrics in this genre are kind of ridiculous since most of the time they’re drowned out or screamed.  Nothing is drowned out here, much to the production’s credit, but they lyrics certainly aren’t going to be what would keep me coming back.  At first I thought, “there are only 8 songs?!  I’ll be done with this in a jif”.

Oh, I’ve definitely heard Sanitarium before.  I don’t remember from where, but right now, I kind of feel like it was from everything.

I kind of take back what I said about the lyrics.  “Disposable Heroes” is the message song, and it gets it across nicely.

It was really easy to get lost in the music of this one.  Although I will give it credit for each song having a fairly distinct sound, which I was kind of surprised at.

Overall: 3.5- musically there’s a lot there, it’s just personal preference wise, this isn’t what I’m going to on a regular basis unless they’re on my gym mix, which some of the songs definitely could make it to.

Favorite track:  Welcome Home (Sanitarium)
Least Favorite track:  I honestly didn’t really dislike any of them.  However they did all seem to run about 6.5-8 minutes long, during which my attention span (due to work) was shortened.  I don’t blame the songs, just the new brands.

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