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I agree with a lot of what Seth said, but I liked it better than he did:

Preconceptions: I had a lot of preconceptions about this album. At my high school (a tech school, in Massachusetts) this album as Sgt Pepper, for the people who didn’t regard 36 Chambers as their Sgt Pepper. Those were the two camps. So I’d heard Battery, Welcome Home, and Battery numerous times. Sometimes just acapella by dudes who were suddenly overcome with the need to commence air-guitaring/headbanging in the hallway. I know that for the most part this is Metallica’s bright shining moment. I know that “Ride The Lightning” has its fans and that the Black album despite selling 500 trillion copies is regarded as not as good as their previous stuff.

After Listening: I’m not really sure what my feelings are right now. Its somewhat like I expected it to be but different as well.

Favorites: Orion, I would probably like this album better the fewer lyrics it had.
Least: Leper Messiah, Disposable Heroes. Not for any reason that I can put my finger on, mostly just that the thought “I don’t really like this one that well” popped into my head and when I checked the track it was these two.

Overall: I love the grooves. I don’t like the lyrics, I don’t have any interest in them. About ¾ of the way through I said to myself that they should have just deleted the vocal tracks, or just wrote songs that were crazy riffage with words like “kill, smash, stab, crush” inserted ever 75 seconds or so. That album would have ruled. I like the guitar work. I like the bass. I like that the drums sound like drums and not like a baseball card stuck in bicycle spokes (the way current metal usually sounds). I’d give this a glowing 3.75.

Alcohol: Jack Daniels, with room temperature Coke, no ice.

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