Paul’s Perceptions – Mezzanine

Preconceptions: I didn’t know anything about them at all. For whatever reason I thought it was a jam band type outfit. Perhaps I’m thinking of another similarly names band, or this is all just a construct of my own demented brain. Doesn’t Massive Attack sound like it should be a jam band with songs no shorter than 14 minutes? It does to me, but clearly, wtf do I know.

After Listening: Turns out I don’t know sh*it and this band is nothing like what I thought. I like this kind of music, but at the same time it doesn’t ever thrill me, and I most likely wouldn’t ever choose to listen to it on a regular basis. But I do think I would choose it for specific occasions that call for the trippy and atmospheric nature of it. Mostly, now that I’ve listened to this album, I will be spared of making a fool of myself with the above preconception, if they ever come up in conversation in the future.

Favorite track: I dunno, I guess teardrop—because it’s the House song and I like it.
Least Favorite: hmmmm, Group Four

Overall: 3.1

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