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Massive Attack – Mezzanine: 4 stars

Precon: I once read something that said Massive Attack’s Blue Lines, Tricky’s Maxinquaye, and something by Portishead made up the trip hop trinity. I like Maxinquaye and have heard at least one Massive Attack song, Teardrop, which became the theme for House, and which I hope is on this album because it’s awesome, so I’ll probably like this one.

Favorite Track: Teardrop, despite being a little effed out by now.
Least Favorite: Group Four. Not bad and I like the crescendo but it plods along for a while.

Angel is the song from Snatch when Mickey’s mom’s trailer is burning. Really good song, but all I see is Brad Pitt crying.
Yes Teardrop is here! Hmm, I think House ruined it a little. All I see are random images and credits.
If I didn’t know better I would think Inertia Creeps is a Tricky song. All I see is Tricky.
Exchange reminds me, as have a few other RC songs, how cool recording in stereo can be. I so rarely listen with headphones that I forget this fact. Here are a couple more exercises in stereo.
You should have Lyrics Born in your right ear, Lateef in your left. Try listening one ear at a time to see the difference.

You should have someone skateboarding from one side of your head to the other. Supposed to be Propellerheads and De La Soul but all I could find was some mashup version with Peter Gabriel.

Is that Mike Patton on Man Next Door?
This is really good music to do work to.

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