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Preconceptions: I’ve known and known of Massive Attack since the late 90s when English “electronica” hit the underground USA. I was instantly drawn to “trip hop” as tripping and listening to hip hop were two of my favorite things to do at that age. I had never heard Mezzanine though and I know its their most highly regarded album.

After Listening: Its pretty much what I expected. It sounds like a Massive Attack album.

Favorites: Angel – The first few seconds sound like the experience of driving through heavy rain at dusk, when its super dark because the sun is almost down but your headlights haven’t really started working yet.
Least: Man Next Door – bleh

Overall: I liked it for a while. If the album was only one song long I’d give it a five. If it were 4 songs long I’d give it a 4.5, if it were 20 songs long I’d probably give it a 1. Its hard for me to give this a 4, which I am, because I always criticize the Paul and Seth picks for their every song sounds the same nature. And here every song sounds the same, and yet, I like it. I’m a hypocrite.

Alcohol: Jim Beam & Lemonade – It tastes great for your first few sips, but next thing you know you’ve had nearly a whole bottle of Bourbon and a gallon of Lemonade and you wonder where the hell the last 4 hours went.

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