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The Jam- All Mod Cons

Preconceptions: My pick, so the only preconception I had was the mistaken one that All Mod Cons was the title of the compilation and Beat Surrender was the album. I bought one and got one as a gift the same week over 15 years ago. As with all my CDs, I haven’t listened to the physical discs since Steve Jobs got into the music business.

After Listening: The late 70s UK Mod Revival has influenced a lot of the bands I listen to today, and The Jam was the premier band in that movement.  I hear 1960s US soul & British Invasion bands (most obviously The Kinks, who recorded the original version of David Watts) and the class struggle lyrics of 70s UK punk.

Favorite Tracks: The bassline of Down in the Tube Station at Midnight is in my head every time I am alone on a subway platform. Fortunately, I have never been mugged by former Wormwood Scrubs inmates. Other standouts include Billy Hunt, ‘A’ Bomb on Wardour Street and Mr. Clean.
Least Favorite: Although I can’t find anything wrong with it, English Rose has never grabbed me.

Overall: 4.5 of 5. If you drop out English Rose, Fly & It’s Too Bad  to add in This is the Modern World, Town Called Malice & Eton Rifles, you’d have not only the essential Jam collection, but the birth of indie Brit Pop. Paul Weller ranks just after Lennon & McCartney, Davies, and Townsend on the list of British songwriters.

Extra credit: The Method – Dissidents & Dancers

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Seth (in a nutshell) is an aging punk rocker and five year resident of Cubistan, taking the office job after many years in music & fashion retail. He is a lifelong New England resident, with the exception of a year spent in Orlando Florida, the armpit of the universe. He is a skeptical cynic with a hairtrigger bullshit detector. Seth lives in Brass City, Connecticut with his wife, Vicki; his cat, Norwegian Black Metal; and his wife’s cat, who’s name he forgets.

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