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Preconceptions: Going into my listen I was gearing up for what I believed would sound like a British version of the MC5. I knew that they were English. I was pretty sure they were well regarded. I thought they were from the 70s.

After Listening: They are indeed English, and they sound like they are from the 70s.

Favorites: Hard to say, all of the songs I didn’t hate sort of sounded the same.

Least: Songs named after people. David Watts and Billy Hunt are two of my least favorite songs I’ve ever heard.

Overall: I was tremendously underwhelmed. I wanted rocking, I wanted jams, I wanted the smashing of guitars or eardrums. All I got was British moping. The English equivalent of Neil Diamond’s backing band. I feel like a science teacher whose prize pupil submitted a volcano that they bought from a hobby store as a their science project. I don’t hate them. And I’ll get over it. But I expected much more. 1.9 stars.

Alcohol: O’Douls

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