Paul’s Perceptions – Waterloo to Anywhere

Preconceptions: Well, I’ve heard things about them, but never heard a song of theirs, however. All I can think of when I hear the name is a combination of the TV shows Dirty Sexy Money and Pretty Little Liars—and even though it’s totally different, the name also reminds me of a band that my cock rock friend Chris likes, The Beautiful Creatures. Other than that, I know they are English, etc.

After listening: I dig it for sure. I didn’t get as much Strokes from it as some of you guys until the last couple of songs, which are more Strokes-ish. I enjoyed it because it’s a throwback kind of sound, but manages to sound fresh at the same time. In that sense, I guess they are like The Strokes of England. Anyway, whatever.

Favorites: Last of the Small Town Playboys, The enemy, B.U.R.M.A
Least: None stand out significantly—no answer

Overall: 3.8

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