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Dirty Pretty Things – Waterloo to Anywhere: 3.5 stars

Precon: Don’t know anything about them but the name sounds very familiar. Is it that band with the chick from Gossip Girl who wears a lot of eye makeup? I don’t think they’re from London. Maybe it’s that weird band that Chris sent out a video for a while back. No, that was the Dirty Pornographers. I think it might be the name of a show on ABC Family Channel that Lauren watches even though she doesn’t really like it. Yeah that makes sense. Glad I figured it out.

Favorite Track: The Gentry Cove. Hell yeah a sea shanty.
Least Favorite: If You Love a Woman

They remind me of so many other people. They’re like some kind of Frankenstein’s monster band. While it sounds good and cohesive, I’d have to listen to this a bit more to see if they really have their own sound. I enjoyed it overall and had fun remembering some stuff I haven’t heard in a while. Here are the things that came to mind while I was listening.
This is the guy from the Strokes right?
They remind me of a punkier, pianoless Anniversary on certain tracks like Bang Bang You’re Dead.
They remind me of Pavement on The Enemy, especially in the verses.
There’s a little bit of The Enemy that also reminds me of the Gorillaz’ M1A1.
The high pitched guitar (Is bright the proper term? Tinny? 40? I’m no good at musical terms. I always used to describe things as “sharp” and my musically inclined friends would yell and at me and say that only notes are sharp. I’d argue that it was sharp because it felt like I was being stabbed in the ear.) often reminds me of Modest Mouse.
I have the feeling I’m starting to look for comparisons. I’m gonna stop writing.

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