Chris’s Cuts – Waterloo to Anywhere

Preconceptions: I knew that one of the dudes from the Libertines (aka the dude who isn’t Pete Doherty) was in this band. And I figured I liked him better than Pete, so I’d like this better than the Libertines.

After Listening: Well, I’m not so sure my logic was sound. Maybe Pete was what made the Libertines what they were. Maybe he was a the injection of melody that this band so sorely needs.

Favorites: Forgive me if this is a copout, everything from Gin & Milk to the end of the album.

Least:  Everything before Gin & Milk, with the exception of the first track which I am kind of neutral on.

Overall: A three, as usual. They sound like a band I could be in, which is both a compliment and an insult. I like that they rock. I don’t like that they don’t really rock with enough melody. I like that they have a Strokes-y sound. I don’t like that they sound like a British translation of the Strokes. In general, I think I’d rather listen to Up the Bracket. I might give this album more listens in the future because I think I’ll like it. I’m not sure I will remember to listen to this album in the future because there’s not a lot on it that seems particularly memorable.

Alcohol: This album reminds me of Carling, the PBR of England.

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