Seth Surmises – 4am Friday

Avail – 4am Friday

Preconceptions: I have never listened to an Avail album but I must have seen them play a dozen times. The mention of Avail brings memories of three-day weekends at three shows in three states, keeping dry tee shirts in the trunk of my LTD to change into after an unbearably hot Tune Inn show, and sneaking whiskey to my underage girlfriend at the El n Gee. 4 AM Friday is usually when I got home from Studio 158. So much to miss about the 90s…

Favorite Track: Nameless- this song was made for shouting in a sweaty mass crushed against the sound monitors in a 90 degree windowless club.
Least Favorite: (Ben) & Swing Low are fun but taste like they should have been unnumbered hidden tracks (another thing I miss from the 90s)

Overall: 3.5 Does it sound dated? Sure it does, but what a date! The studio versions can never touch the feel of a live show from that time, but it’s a great reminder.

Extra Credit: The Good, The Bad, & The Argyle by The Bouncing Souls

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