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Ramones—Leave HomePreconceptions: Of the punk pioneer triumvirate, if you will (I know there are others who don’t get credit), of The Ramones, Sex Pistols and The Clash, I am definitely most a fan of The Clash. However, The Ramones are second for me.  So, I have heard most of these songs but haven’t listened to this album straight through. So, I’m somewhat of a fan and came into this already liking them.

After Listening: Work isn’t the right venue for this record, but I enjoyed listening nonetheless. I see why it is well regarded and I’d say it’s all its cracked up to be. It didn’t make me more or less of a fan than I already was.

Favorite Tracks: Hands down, Oh, Oh I Love Her So and California Sun
Least Favorite: I Remember You

Overall: solid 4.0

P.S.—For a fun and good example of an extremely Ramones inspired band, which itself is pretty accomplished, check out The Queers:


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