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Preconceived Notions:  I’ve probably heard the 3-4 Ramones songs everyone has, always thought they were ok- certainly nothing grating about them, but wouldn’t say I’m a fan.  Listening to an album should be interesting, what it feels like to enter say min 7 straight of Ramones.After Listening:  I guess I really never thought about how much many of the Ramones riffs are 50’s chord progression based. I wasn’t really aware of how much that’s like their niche.  They do a decent job of committing to the idea as there are more than a few tracks on here that sound like where music was headed in the mid-late 50’s with just a new invention of distorted gain, and vocals that are less typically “quality”.   As for whether that translates to a good thing or not, I think it just depends on the track.  It’s not a perfect album and I don’t really see it as anything profound, but then again neither do the Ramones themselves in all likelihood.  Almost without exception the faster songs are the better songs, as the slower ones seem misplaced and uninteresting.

Favorite Tracks:  “Gimmie Gimmie Shock Treatment” – I like the riff halting and starting and the vocals are solid.  “Pinhead” – one of the tracks that doesn’t remind me of the 50’s, and in a good way.  “You’re Gonna Kill that Girl” – love the clean guitar in this.
Least Favorite Tracks: “I Remember You” – just not much to this one a half speed, and seemingly half-effort album filler.  “What’s your Game?” – another album filler I would guess singing about sweet mary jane – great get in line with everyone else.

Overall:  3.3 more good than bad, but I still wouldn’t classify myself as a fan.  They’re probably best heard every once in awhile at parties with beer consumption.

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40 has had training enough in classical theory to know roughly what he's talking about. As for talent, he considers himself a crappy guitar player. He has a BA in Audio & Sound Recording BA, so not only does music creation intrigue him, but also music production. He believes that expression takes all forms, and it has to be remembered that music is an art form and is ultimately about connection, communication, experimentation, creativity, freedom, emotion, and 100’s of other things.

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