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The Ramones – Leave Home

Precon: I had heard “I wanna be sedated” , obviously, as well as Judy is a Punk, and Sheena is a punk rocker. And I liked all of those. I’ve seen hundreds of pictures of the Ramones onstage at CBGB’s , wearing leather jackets, and generally looking like they were kicking ass.

After listening:  I know this is going to be the height of blasphemy (until I explain), but they remind me of Phish. Not the actual music, obviously, but the general feeling of “wait, is this still the same song?” that prevails when listening to a Ramones album. If this album had been 4 tracks, or 40 tracks, I barely would have been able to tell the difference. For better or worse, every song sounded like a Ramones song.

Favorite Track: Commando – it was the only track that sounded mildly different from the others.
Least Favorite: I remember you – this song was only 20 seconds old before I checked the time to see how much of it was left.

Overall:  I don’t hate it. But then again, its not really all that memorable. I Wanna Be Sedated is their biggest hit because its their best version of a Ramones song. It’s the loudest, fastest, most Ramones-y. Every other song I’ve heard has been trying to measure up to that. On this particular album I’d say the songs aren’t fast enough or aggressive enough. I can see why people hate them. I’m not one of those dudes, but I don’t necessarily consider myself a fan either. Going to see them would have been a whole different story and I would guess that I would have really liked it. On record, something is sorely lacking.

3 Stars (but on the low end of the 3 star spectrum).

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