Paul’s Perceptions – Blonde on Blonde

Preconceptions: I’m a big Dylan guy—so I already like it a lot. However, I haven’t listened to an entire album of his in a while because if I’m in the mood I’ll listen him on shuffle, so this will be cool.After Listening: This is just great stuff. I understand that Dylan is challenging for a couple of you guys, but I think the appreciation grows with time if you give it a chance. There’s just a urgency about his music for me. It’s a little difficult to adequately quantify why this is, but I definitely don’t get caught up in the voice thing. If anything, the uniqueness of his voice makes it even more special—and about that urgency thing again—his voice just makes you really want to pay close attention to what he’s singing about. There’s something about it that just draws you in and makes you feel it’s important, and that your own feelings about what you’re hearing is also very important. Ok, I’ll stop before I overly-romanticize—or have I already done that?

Favorite tracks: Visions of Johanna, One of us Must Know, Stuck Inside of Mobile with the Memphis Blues Again
Least favorite: Pledging My Time (a little too much of a blues cliché)

Overall: 4.5 stars.

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