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Pick #8- Bob Dylan-Blonde on BlondePreconceived Notions: Of all of the artists that featured prominently into my childhood, Bob Dylan was never one of them.  I remember getting older and being really surprised at all of these people who kept repeating his name over and over to me.  At some point, I thought it’d be really cool to buy his unplugged album.  And then I realized, I didn’t really like his voice all that much.  And then I heard young Dylan and was even more conflicted because I didn’t dislike it as much.  I think he’s a prolific songwriter, but I’m too far removed from his “holy crap have you heard this new guy?” era for him to ever be viewed in an unbiased light.  He’s either hit or miss with me.  The songs I like, I really like, the songs I don’t like, I’m tempted to skip instantly, but I can’t do that with this album.

After Listening I’d say:  It’s not so much the TONE of his voice that’s displeasing as the cadence and rhythm of the way he delivers the songs.  I got tired, pretty quickly, of the fact that the end of every line goes up in question form, or the words which he chose to empha-SI-ze.  I found myself wondering if it’s possible for Mick Jagger and Bob Dylan to be related, because something about the delivery seems similar to me.

The first 3 songs didn’t impress that much, despite the fact that I feel like I’ve heard “Rainy Day Women” 300 times and never realized that was the name of it.

The chorus of “One of Us Must Know” got my attention.

I like that the music of “I Want You” sounds kind of like a British Invasion group.

I really like “Stuck Inside of Mobile With The Memphis Blues Again”.

I would really like “Just Like A Woman” if it didn’t make me feel like crap for being a woman.   The melody is there, but those lyrics pack quite a sting.

“Temporary Like Achilles” sounds like the kind of song that would happen in a movie where “Urban Cowboy” and “Dirty Dancing” were combined.  But I don’t hate it.

Sad Eyed Lady of the Lowlands-first listen got interrupted because it wasn’t finished before my lunch break…because IT’S MORE THAN 11 MINUTES LONG.  I came back and finished it out, but I didn’t have the energy or interest to restart it and listen again all the way through.

Favorite Track:  Stuck Inside of Mobile with the Memphis Blues Again

Least Favorite:  Rainy Day Women and Sad Eyed Lady.  Sad Eyed Lady is worse because it’s a more drawn out monotony

Stars: 3  There were tracks that I’d listen to a lot more and a couple of tracks that I could really do without.  I’m sure when this was released, it was a BFD, but I think 4 or 5 of the tracks are really solid, 3 more are ok, and there are a bunch of skips.

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