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Preconceptions: Bob Dylan fans are pretty insufferable. Almost as bad as Tom Waits fans. They go on and on about how he’s a “genius”, etc. So pretty much, I’ve decided that I hate his guts, with the exception of “The Times They are A Changin’ “

After Listening: Maybe Bobby caught me on a good day, or maybe the negative sentiment of the thread tempered my expectations a bit, but all in all, I really didn’t mind it. Its hard to put myself in the mindset of someone listening to this in 1965 or whenever it was. So I have a hard time calling it genius or anything like that, but there are some tunes you can tap your foot to. And as a person who’s not into music trying make sense of semi-tones sometimes a good toe tapper is all I need. I’m easy to please in that manner.

Favorites: Visions of Johanna, Pledging my Time

Least: Absolutely Sweet Marie

Overall: 4. Not a 4 because I think its almost 5 star classic status, but mostly because I like this album better than Soviet Kitsch and Under The Pink, and since I gave those 3s I have to give this a four. Its better than those. If nothing else, listening to this album has ensured that I will say less mean things about Bob Dylan fans and I will no longer roll my eyes when they talk.

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