Paul’s Perceptions – Under the Pink

Preconceptions: I am somewhat familiar with Tori, so I pretty much knew what to expect generally, but I had never listened to this album or any other Tori Amos album in its entirety. I do know that she has some pretty hardcore fans, etc, and Anthony Paolucci loves her and has a tattoo of her.After Listening: I dig it. Some really cool stuff on this record, and I really like the offbeat nature of her music in general. At times she is even brilliant in a more conventional sense, I’d say, but not all the time. All together I’d say I liked this record a lot for sure.

Favorites: Past the Mission & Cornflake Girl
Least: Baker Baker (I kinda liked the way the song sounded, but the cake baking metaphor didn’t sit well with me. Kinda silly) & The Waitress (this time I liked the subject matter—killing a waitress—but didn’t like the way the song sounded so much)

Overall: 4 stars

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