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Tori Amos – Under The Pink

Preconceived Notions: I’d heard a little of Tori’s stuff in highschool-which for me was right about the time she was “blowing up”.  That said I have certain prejudices against the majority of female solo artists and I often compare all of them to the same Ani Difranco horrorshow.   Acknowledging that irrationality , I am willing to give Tori another shot…not soley b/c it’s this group’s assignment, but because I don’t remember loathing the Tori as much as other stuff I’d heard back then.

After listening: I appreciate the emotional Tori I think a lot more than the trying to rock or pop Tori.  Echoing the oft criticism CGR has, and I myself have in work- I despise stuff that borders on nursery rhymey feel- and some of this stuff rides that line pretty close with wins and loses. Tori seems at her best in the slow open piano pieces-she doesn’t fall into that trap of being overly dramatic or silly in those settings – with the notable exception of  “Yes Anastasia” which is a nightmare for both.

Favorite Tracks:  Bells for Her, Baker Baker, Icicle,
Least Favorite:  Wrong band, Yes Anastasia

Overall: probably like a 2.8, so I guess I’ll just settle with the 3.  I get in glimpses why people like and respect Tori, it’s just not enough for me most of the time.  At least not this album anyway.

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