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Pick #6: Tori Amos-Under the Pink

Preconceived notions (aka what I think I know about the album): I’m not sure if Chris is counting this as one of my picks.  My brain is slightly frayed after the last couple of weeks, but if someone else happened to pick this one, then bravo to you sir or madam. As soon as I hear the piano opening of “Pretty Good Year” it’s impossible not to feel like I’m 13 all over again, listening to this for the first time with my best friend at the time.  We had taken it from her older sister’s room and I felt pretty grown-up listening to it.  Over time, it’s become both nostalgic and relevant.

Favorite track: Pretty Good Year /Baker Baker/ Cloud On My Tongue
Least favorite track: I’d pick Bells For Her

After listening to it I’d say: I still love this album.  I still love the piano and the strings and the kind of weird but still accessible lyrics.  Sometimes her voice does the breathy thing a little too often, but that doesn’t bother me at all.  This will always be a favorite, whether because it reminds me of such a specific time and place, or whether it’s because it’s legitimately musically good, I can’t really tell the difference anymore.  I hadn’t heard it in so long and now it might have to be listened to quite a few more times before it occupies its space on my cd shelf again

Stars (1-5): 5, yeah it’s biased, but who cares.

Interesting Fact:  Neil Gaiman is the godfather of Tori Amos’ daughter, and a lot of their work, his writings and her songs share similarities.

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