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Tori Amos – Under the Pink: 3 stars

Precon: She sings and plays the piano and is a little weird. I like all these things, and I always liked “Cornflake Girl,” so I don’t know why I never bought an album. I guess she wasn’t really my thing in high school (although I did like her like her now that I think about it), and I kind of forgot about her after that. Here’s my second chance.

Favorite Track: Cornflake Girl. It was the single for a reason.
Least Favorite: Bells for Her. Not bad but a total flatliner.


It’s interesting how a lot of songs undergo an abrupt change halfway through. I had to check a few times to see if it was still the same song.

Her voice sounds incredibly clean and pure, somtimes to a fault. It’s nice but not interesting, like B-Pap before he sent out funny emails.

I like the jarring wake up call in “Pretty Good Year.” I wish she would do more of this elsewhere on the album or find another way to change it up.

This seems like an album that requires a certain degree of intimacy and a couple golden listens (those times when a song hits you just right) before it can really work its magic. It’s a little unexciting and sleepy at times, probably best reserved for when you’re in the right mood. Still, it has one awesome song and a few more good ones that stand out even on a first listen.

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