Chris’s Cuts – Under the Pink

Preconceived Notions:. I know Tori Amos is held in high regard, mostly by females, and mostly by troubled or excessively arty females. As it were, the club has selected the only Tori Amos album I’ve actually heard, with all of the Tori Amos songs I’ve actually heard (besides her Smells Like Teen Spirit cover).

After Listening: Hey, at least its not Regina Spektor, right? Kidding, kidding.

Favorite Track(s): Space Dog, Past the Mission
Least favorite: Yes, Anastasia (too long, and too boring to be placed next to Space Dog)

Overall: For the most part, I liked the bangers and disliked the whiners. As I take this opportunity to again bash Regina Spektor I’d say the Tori Amos math equation would look something like this: Tori Amos = Regina Specktor – (acid + repetition) + Maturity. I’m pretty sure I’ll listen to this album again, in another 5 years or so. 3 Stars, because the good brings the album up more than the bad drags it down.

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