Paul’s Perceptions – Fantastic Damage

Preconceptions: Heard of it and I believe I listened to a couple of songs back when we discussed El-P a while back. I think I liked it, and assumed I would like this album after hearing in full.

After Listening: Holy sh*it, the production is just nasty on this. It’s like a sonic blitzkrieg (that’s my Pitchfork review method). I think I would enjoy most of this record without any rapping—just the music. I didn’t find it to be terribly uneven, as I mostly liked every song, and it also seemed to have some pretty good cohesion as a unit, so I would say this record is a win for me. Also, the lyricism is pretty dope too—I picked up an awesome Blood Beach reference, and I believe the opening lyrical segment of Dead Disnee was reminiscent of a De la Soul song—I believe Potholes in my Lawn, but I could be mistaken. Did anyone else pick up on that? I like this album a bunch.

Favorite: Deep Space 9mm
Least: Tuned Mass Damper

Overall: 4 stars

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