Paul’s Perceptions – Emergency & I

Preconceptions: I don’t know shit about this band. Kinda cool name and the album cover reminds me of the 80s


After Listening: Well, I can’t say that this album is spectacular, but I did like it, and I like how there is a kinda dance groove to much of it. There seem to be various influences at work in this band, and I can also see how they themselves might be influential to some music trends in the early and mid 00s. I also like the spoken lyrics thing that can be found in some songs, kinda like The Hold Steady. There is a manic and chaotic quality about this music, which I can say I liked most of the time, but disliked at other times, but it was cool when it exists side by side with changes within songs to more melodic sounding stuff. I feel like What do You Want Me to Say displays this effect. Wasn’t able to pay close enough attention to the lyrics, so I can’t comment very well on what, if anything, this band is trying to say. All in all, not a bad listen and some interesting stuff.


Favorite: Memory Machine


Least: Hmm, nothing is terrible, but I suppose You are Invited is a bit too dancey for my taste


Overall: 3.4 stars

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