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Preconceived Notions:  It sounds like a painful band.  I’m hesitant and angry already so I’m more than apprehensive about this.



As Listening: I’d rather be listening to Jimmy Eat World.  They sound weirdly similar, I think.

The Jitters– annoying, mostly because of the odd Parisian Jazz Club feel behind it.  I feel like I should be snapping my approval at the end of this song, if I approved that is.

Gyroscope-I feel like I want to like this, and I probably really would like it if I was a junior in high school when I had first heard this.


This is one of those albums that I really wish I had been aware of when it first came out.  I think my reactions would have been completely different.  Also perhaps at that time it would have seemed at least slightly more original.  Right now, all I can hear are the other bands that, no doubt, have been influenced by these guys, like Death Cab For Cutie.  It’s easier on the ears than some of what we’ve listened to, but there’s something lacking for me.  I’m not sure if it’s the semi-spoke vocals, the jumps in styles within each song, or that I can’t hear them without thinking of something else, but well, that’s the best explanation I can come up with.  I could listen to this again though, so for now, it’s “ok”.



Favorite: What Do You Want Me To Say

Least Favorite: The Jitters


Score: 3.2

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Raised in the Midwest, Marissa feels that she has absolutely no good defense for liking what she likes or nominating what she nominates. She likes it that way. With a preference for the indie music scene, there was a time before (alright a rough adolescence) filled with oldies, then country, then pop. She was an unabashed slave to Nsync, and boy bands in general, but not Backstreet Boys, god no! But that has passed. Marissa is passionate about music and about caring about music (and caring about things in general). She considers herself a stereotype, a cliche and a conundrum, all at the same time. When not listening to music Marissa enjoys watching movies, that she will sometimes review on her blog. She is an avid reader and a seasoned podcaster.

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