Seth Surmises – Emergency & I

Preconceived Notions: None. The only dismemberment plan I have heard of involved deer hunting and chest freezers.


After Listening: This guy goes from singing like Sade, to the Decemberists dude, to every guy on Radio 104 before the first format change.


Fave Trax: “Favorite” is really too strong, but I Love a Magician breaks out of the droning pattern established early in the album with a pulse of late 80s RHCP weird.


Lame Trax: None are particularly egregious, but I would prefer not to have ever heard Girl O’Clock.


Overall: I hear a lot of influences in this band (the strangest being a pinch of Tom Tom Club) and perhaps they were influencal to other bands, yet I don’t get much from this album. It’s not particularly interesting nor is it hard to listen to. Dismemberment Plan has moved into the slot between Presidents Of The United States and Postal Service on the Meh-band-ometer. While my hands are not waiving, rest assured I just don’t care.


Rating: 2.9

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Seth (in a nutshell) is an aging punk rocker and five year resident of Cubistan, taking the office job after many years in music & fashion retail. He is a lifelong New England resident, with the exception of a year spent in Orlando Florida, the armpit of the universe. He is a skeptical cynic with a hairtrigger bullshit detector. Seth lives in Brass City, Connecticut with his wife, Vicki; his cat, Norwegian Black Metal; and his wife’s cat, who’s name he forgets.

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