Chris’ (Album) Cuts-At Folsom Prison

Preconceived notions: I’ve heard that the prisoners are in full voice and are happy to have Johnny playing this concert. I also know that its very highly regarded, though I’m not sure if its highly regarded because its Johnny Cash or because its good on its own.

Favorite track: Cocaine Blues, this track rocks

Least favorite track: Flushed from the bathroom of your heart, this is bizarre and makes him sound like a weirdo, it seems like a throwaway track that was included as a mistake.

After listening: It’s pretty good, I forget what Johnny Cash albums I have at home but this one is better than all of those. I love the announcements from the guards. And I love that he talks to the audience during songs and that they laugh and whistle, and boo the warden.

Stars: 3 Stars, mainly because I’m not a big fan of country and the 2nd half of the album isn’t as good as the first half.

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