The Phenomenauts – For All Mankind


The Phenomenauts – For All Mankind

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Fun Facts:
Both current and past band members are known only by their stage names, which all fit their humorous science/science fiction theme.
Commander Angel Nova — vocals, guitar
Leftenant AR-7 — vocals, guitar
Major Jimmy Boom — drums, backing vocals
Barth Q. Applestar — double bass, electric bass, backing vocals
Professor Greg Arius — synthesizer, MOOG, backing vocals
Colonel Reehotch — talent manager (“mission operation specialist”)


The Phenomenauts – For All Mankind

Preconceptions: I saw them all murdered in a Troma film once. They went down fighting with ray guns.

After Listening: Much better than Punk Rock Holocaust, even without Lloyd Kaufman.

Favorite Tracks: Cyborg is a sad tale of a would-be Pygmalion, Infinite Frontier is the closest thing we have left to a space program. Science and Honor should be a tv show.

Overall: At times feeling like a Sci-fi version of the Misfits’ horrorpunk, then veering into Devo-esque 1980s new wave, For All Mankind has something most of our RC picks are missing: FUN. Guh-dam, this was a blast. Who else wants to put on a uniform and fight some Martians?

Rating: 4.9
Prelisten guess: 4.1

Extra Credit: The Darkest of the Hillside Thickets depart from their usual Cthulu-core to record a soundtrack to a fictional TV show in Spaceship Zero!/album/Spaceship+Zero/3846674


The Phenomenauts – For All Mankind
One of my picks. I know that I have heard a few of the songs so I was curious how the entire album fared. I had actually forgotten what genre Phenomenauts were. I had come to know them from an Indiefeed podcast I subscribe to, but I don’t know which one. I didn’t know if it was pop or alternative.

Pretty Good.

After Listening:
I really dig the tone of the singer. It sounds a little like an amped up homage to the Misfits, only done with more happy and more of a surf rock feel. I could totally blast this in my car during the summer with the windows down and breeze ratting out my hair (because you must never listen to Phenomenauts with your hair in a ponytail).
The transitions between songs are seamless. It’s enjoyable to listen to an artist that had a cohesive plan for their entire album. It gives me a sense of this having a story to it. As I cannot access Wikipedia on my work computer I don’t know if that was their intention, nor do I care. I find that going blindly into these picks (even if they are my own) make for a fresh perspective as opposed to researching the crap out of something and letting it alter my initial experience.

Favorite track/tracks:
Man Alone – This is silly crazy happy dance music!
Navitron – This should be used in fanmade music videos of Transformers the Movie (the 1986 cartoon). Especially the junkyard scene, even though Dare to Be Stupid was one of the best choices for that junktech dance party.

Least favorite track/tracks:
While some of the songs had moments I didn’t really like, none of them stood out enough for me to check the title and jot it down.

Overall (1-5 stars):  4.75


The Phenomenauts – A few songs are good, the other songs just sound like ska songs.   2.5


Phenomenauts-For All Man Kind

Preconceived Notions- Never heard/never listened.  I guess I’m expecting some sort of glam rock inspired act.

While Listening:  Well there’s a synthesizer (thank goodness) and some sort of cheer spelling their name as the first track, so yeah, I guess we’re good to go now.  But I will never forget how to spell their name, so dare I say it, “mission accomplished”?
It’s a more melodic take on Ramones-esque punk, with enough California surf pop chords to make me feel happy.  The sci-fi lyrics are funny, I just wish there was less repetition.

After Listening:  These guys were fun.  I mean they were completely danceable, which I definitely appreciate, but I think that they’re another one of those bands that I would probably have more appeal at a live show.  They definitely stick with the niche that they’ve created for themselves, and there’s no faulting a band with a vision, but I just found the tracks to be a bit too repetitive sometimes, even at their under-3-minute clock-in time.  I applaud them for their bold decision to combine cyborgs and punk, as well as their extensive instrumental choices, but it just ran out of gas a little too quickly for me.  After one listen, I wouldn’t be able to pick out one track as separate from another, with the exception of the last song, which felt like it changed things up a little, but I just feel like there’s more style over substance, on the whole.  An interesting band for me to be introduced to?  Surely.  One that I’ll listen to over and over again?  It’s too early to tell, but my gut reaction is, they’re going on the lower rung of my cd rack.

Overall: 3.4

Favorite: well, Cyborg had the best storytelling which made it stand out

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