Arctic Monkeys – Whatever People Say I Am that’s What I’m Not

RC brings you another in its continuing effort to explore the UK from every conceivable angle. Today’s album debuted in the kingdom in 2006- and what a debut as its 360,000 1st week sales set a record.

Arctic Monkeys – Whatever People Say I Am that’s What I’m Not

Listen to it here:!/playlist/Arctic+Monkeys+Whatever+People+Say+I+Am+I+Am+Not/69664855

Read about the album here:,_That%27s_What_I%27m_Not

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Fun Facts: Many critics and figures in the British Media hyped the Arctic Monkeys and their rapid rise to acclaim through unconventional means[8][35][36] and some even cited the Arctic Monkeys as revolutionising the way people find music as they built a fanbase on the basis of a few demos shared by fans through the internet.[37] NME declared them “Our Generation’s Most Important Band” and Alex Turner’s lyrics and depiction of Sheffield and the night lives of teenagers in particular praised with him being labelled as a “master of observation”[27] and USA Today claiming “you probably won’t hear better CD all year long” and calling it “utterly infectious”.


Fake Tales of SF has been one of my favorite songs for almost 6 years now.
What took you guys so long to listen to this band? Caught up in the “these guys are huge all of a sudden, they must suck” mentality?
(note: this albums is good, as is the next one, but SIAS is awful and they seem to be headed in an awful direction)
Arctic Monkeys – Did i do them already? I like this album, and the next one, the ones after that sizzuck.   3.75


Arctic Monkeys – Whatever People Say I Am That’s What I’m Not: 3.5 stars

Precon: Rock of some sort. I made this curiosity pick blindly. I figured here are these guys I’ve heard of a lot but I’m not sure I’ve actually heard their music so let’s see what they’re all about.

Favorite Track: Dancing Shoes
Least Favorite: A Certain Romance

Some people lose their accent when they sing. This guy sounds more British.
Definitely heard Fake Tales of San Francisco before. Had to be the Gap.
Love the energy on Dancing Shoes.
I wondered how long it would keep barreling downhill, then Riot Van came on. It’s no coincidence that song is squarely in the middle of the album. Breaks things up nicely.
An invigorating jaunt. It’s undeniably fun, and I was going to give it a little higher rating but I’m not quite sure of its staying power yet. Either way, this is what I want to play next time I’m goin’ out drankin’.


Arctic Monkeys-Whatever People Say I am, That’s What I’m Not

Preconceived Notions- Heard the big singles, not the full album.  Aware of the hype, awaiting the payoff.  Not my pick, but glad someone did the heavy lifting for me.

After Listening:    I like that they’re not afraid to emphasize their accents.  Half the time, I feel like there’s a ton of artists that you hear on the radio and then you hear them speaking and it’s like “I had no idea they were British!”.  There’s no mistaking it with these guys.

I’m thankful that the tempo of this is exactly the opposite of the last album we listened to. Every song feels like it’s driving forward.  It’s a strange mix of dance(able) music, garage rock, 60s swinging feel all fueled by guitars that just don’t quit.  I actually ended up listening twice, the first time through, just being carried along by the beat, the second time paying more attention the lyrics, impressed by the strength of each.  I actually feel like this is an album that I could easily listen to several more times and still find something different that I liked about each track.    The templates for the songs and the album aren’t anything drastically new or different, but it’s all just executed so well.  The songs are generally sticking with the verse and chorus with pop-tastic tendencies, like the “kick me out, kick me out” part of the chorus on FToSF, seemingly designed for a live audience to scream out with the band along with the staccato chorus consisting of “All You Peo-Ple Are Vampires”).  I really like that the closest we get to a ballad on this album is titled  “Riot Van”. Each member seems to have a chance to shine, through the instrumental breakdowns, despite the vocal dominance of Turner.  It just feels like this is a perfectly edited album with the songs being the perfect length for radio play as well as the perfect length for jumping around and dancing to and just barely running out of breath by the time the last chord is struck.  I’d love to see these guys live, now that I’ve heard this.  I have no idea why it took me so long to sit and listen to it..

Favorite: When The Sun Goes Down (great use of the word of ‘scumbag’)
Overall: 5 (I guess I buy the hype and like songs about British clublands)  I’ll definitely be listening to this again


Preconceptions: Arctic Monkeys are one of those bands I want to hate, despite liking every song I’ve heard from them.

After Listening: I hate this band. This album is awesome.

Top Tracks: Fake Tales of San Francisco  is either accurately calling out a pretentious scenester telling lies or jealously railing on the dude who got out of the small city for a time. Riot Van feels like the title song from the soundtrack of a Sidney Lumet version of Quadrophenia.  Red Light Indicates Doors Are Secured accurately captures at least 20 post-last call backseat conversations I have had.

Overall: Goddamnit. I don’t like the Arctic Monkeys. And I certainly don’t like their catchy, poppy exploration of small city night life that rings true on every note. There is no way I am buying this album and I will not be humming A Certain Romance as I stumble out of the bar at 1:59. Fck this album. Here’s my money, you smug bastards.

Rating: 4.8
Prelisten Guess: 3.9


Arctic Monkeys – Whatever People Say I Am That’s What I’m Not

I actually came to know about them in a roundabout way. Since I remember it, I am going to tell you.
I was walking around Anthropologie in my fat days with a friend, thinking “why am I even in here?!?!”, and staring at the art on the wall. I was completely enamored with/flummoxed by a blackboard that had real books sticking out of it and fake ones drawn in with a permanent paint meant to look like chalk, when I started to hear the Habanera aria from Carmen followed by some cheeky half sleepy sounding woman singing her own words as the verse. I used my phone to figure out that it was Kate Nash and I started looking for things that she had done. Then I found her cover of Flourescent Adolescent and thought that it was jaunty and lovely and then finally traced it back to Arctic Monkeys and started listening to them.
Wow… That was a really long story AND there was no Kevin Bacon in it. So I guess I’m sorry.


After Listening:
Yep. Still like em. I hadn’t heard this album before today, so this was a lovely experience.

Favorite track/tracks:
Fake Tales of San Francisco
Still Take You Home

Least favorite track/tracks:
Perhaps Vampires Is A Bit Strong But…

Overall (1-5 stars):  4.75

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