The Lonely Island – Turtleneck & Chain

This week in the RC it’s Chris Ryan Week, why? Because why not? (I’m guessing both of this week’s selections will be his) Today’s selection is a comedic attempt, from the minds that brought you “D*ck in a Box”.
This is the follow up to that smash hit and was released in 2011.

The Lonely Island – Turtle Neck & Chain

Listen to it here:!/playlist/Lonley+Island+Turtleneck+and+Chain/69162744

Read about the band here:

One year ago:  We listened to Saul Williams “The Inevitable Rise of Niggy Tardust”, which I have to admit leaves absolutely no impression on me a year later.

Fun Facts:   Songs by The Lonely Island rarely exceed three minutes, as brevity is very important to the troupe, who believe that is “about as much as the audience can stand.”[13]


Lonely Island: Turtleneck & Chain

Preconceived Notions:  I’m familiar with these guys, 70% of the digital shorts I find hilarious. Having heard “I Just Had Sex” and “Jack Sparrow” already, I’m guessing this will be a grab bag but I’ll like more than I dislike. The thing about comedy is that you can’t really judge it.  Even if your brain tells you you shouldn’t find something funny, you either laugh or you don’t.  I’ll probably laugh enough at this to make it worth my while.

As Listening: Wow, the inundation of dick jokes on “We’re Back” is astounding.
Jack Sparrow is still amazing.  I miss watching the video, in fact, I’ll probably head to Youtube right after this is done.  It’s seriously the best thing that Michael Bolton has ever done, which is a lot like saying Edy’s vanilla bean ice cream is better than Breyer’s vanilla, but still, kudos for managing to get “basehead wife” into the lyrics, as well as the use of the word “cinephile”
“Attracted To Us” is frighteningly catchy…and more accurate than I was prepared to admit.  Also, I’m pretty sure that Cobra Starship is mad that they haven’t used the backing beat.  I like the random 80s Bowie breakdown.
Turtleneck & Chain”- I love the commitment to the production here
“Shy Ronnie”- is that Rhianna? I have to confirm on Wiki. Hahahhahahah “we don’t have time for this” “please use your words”
“Trouble on Dookie Island-The snippets of Scarface are absolutely hilarious.  After having talked about that movie’s overrated nature 4 times in the last two weeks, and never understanding how hip hop culture has managed to elevate it to some sort of revered Biblical status, I love that the name of the song it’s featured on is “Trouble on Dookie Island”
“Motherlover” my love for Justin Timberlake knows no bounds. “every mother’s day needs a mother’s night”, come on, how has that never happened before?!
“The Creep” this is about 200% better than “Superman”
I held out on laughing during “Threw It on the Ground” until the birthday cake.  “Happy Birthday to the Ground” just got me.  I’m sorry
It may be that the best thing to come out of listening to this album is the sample from Betty Wright.

After Listening:  There’s a bunch of throwaway and inside joke-y stuff that doesn’t resonate with me.  I could do without all of the “Classy Skits” and “Mic Check”.  And I think some of them jus work better as digital shorts and not as songs like “I Just Had Sex”. However, Jack Sparrow, Motherlover, Attracted To Us, Shy Ronnie, and The Creep all really worked for me.  I can’t believe there are some of those that I haven’t downloaded yet.  It was nice to just have something fun, playing off of all of the genres we’ve already listened to and turning the satire on some of them.

Overall: 3.2

Favorites: Jack Sparrow, Motherlover
Least Favorite: All the skits/We’re Back/I Just Had Sex


Preconceived Notions: I think I like Andy Samberg, I mean if SNL has done anything funny in the last decade it’s usually digital shorts, and those are usually something he has input on.   Although, he’s hit or miss for me D*ck in a Box was classic, Mother Lovers was decidedly not.  Still he usually gets some respect for me for trying. Let’s see what an album sounds like.

After Listening: The biggest joke on this album is that somehow it got backed by a record company and produced. Therefore,  I would like to give them some credit for the track Japan, not b/c of my interest in said country, but because the “joke” of them ripping off their record label is about as close to a truth as it gets.  So, so many filler tracks – this thing could’ve been about 4 or 5 songs long-and those would’ve sucked too.  Sure they have possibly the coolest thing Michael Bolton has ever done, but its Michael Bolton so it’s not that cool at all.  Dookie jokes and shy Ronnie, the aforementioned Mother Lovers which is just Dick in a box part 2 – much lamer, and about a half dozen tracks about problems with their erections…well that just doesn’t scream original or funny to me.

Overall 1.23  When a comedy album is simply not funny to you, there’s little more to be said about it.   There’s virtually no real intelligence displayed on this record- ditching any sort of clever delivery for poo and pee jokes complete with a healthy dose of masturbation to go along side it.  Replay value on comedy albums are low to begin with, but a second time through this thing reveals just how bad it is when you don’t even have the unexpected to look forward to…there’s really not even a change of musical styles to add some color to the record.  I think maybe the reason digital shorts are so popular is b/c they are “short”, sure the visual aids probably help as well, but a record’s length of these is rather terrible. Or at least that’s the case here.


The Lonely Island – Turtleneck and Chain

Preconceptions: I’m very familiar with Lonely Island. I thoroughly enjoy all of the Andy Samberg digital shorts on SNL. I don’t, however, enjoy listening to I Just Had Sex as sung by a drunk idiot at karaoke night. There are a lot of tracks I skip because I can’t handle them.

Mood: Better than it has been.

After Listening: I have listened to this album so many times it was just like dialing into a car ride to a family or friend’s house. I really love that Justin Timberlake has really taken part in any of these. I really hate singers that are all “I’m all about the art” and you have to go “Dude, you were in the Spice Girls. No matter what, your last name was SPICE from 1994-FOREVER.” Embracing his sense of humor has actually made me appreciate Justin Timberlake. It almost makes me feel bad for laughing at him when he was Punk’d.

Favorite track/tracks:
Jack Sparrow
The Creep – If only for the first few seconds. I loves me some John Waters.

Least favorite track/tracks:
Shy Ronnie 2: Ronnie & Clyde

Overall (1-5 stars):  2
(Just because I’ve listened to it a bunch of times doesn’t mean it’s a high rater. I also watch ABC Family made for TV movies all the time and that doesn’t make them the Godfather.)

Seth: I think this is our first RC review with a twist ending. Way to M. Night the crap out of this one, Ali!
Ali: The real twist is that I’ve never seen the Godfather.

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