The Cribs – Ignore the Ignorant

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This morning’s offering comes mainly from Wakefield & Yorkshire England, via some time in good old LA Cali as well.  It’s a 2009 affair…

The Cribs – Ignore the Ignorant

Listen to it here:!/playlist/Cribs+Ignore+The+Ignorant/68886099

Read about the band here:

One year Ago:  It was that old Italian swing of Louis Prima’s – The Wildest!

Fun Facts:   There was a special, deluxe box set edition of the record (today’s selection), nicknamed The Roses Edition, which was only available in the local areas that the band hail from. The band hoped to encourage people to go out and buy the physical format, rather than buying online digitally; and in doing so, support local record stores. The Roses Edition was only available from shops in Yorkshire (Ryan, Ross, and Gary Jarman’s home county), Lancashire (Johnny Marr’s home county), and Portland, Oregon (Gary Jarman’s adopted hometown and current residence), all areas symbolized by roses.


The Cribs – Ignore the Ignorant

I don’t know anything about this band. Anything at all, so I have absolutely no way to prep myself for what it is I’m about to listen to.

Pretty darn good!

After Listening:
They kind of sound like the Killers, but they also have a 90s mentality to chord progression (which I am totally digging).
I actually cannot understand 75% of the words coming out of the singer’s mouth, but I really like his lyrical percussion in his pronunciation. After awhile the songs just meld together, much like the box of crayons I kept in the trunk of my car during high school. That was a terrible idea.

Favorite track/tracks:
We Were Aborted
Ignore the Ignorant

Least favorite track/tracks:
Cheat On Me

Overall (1-5 stars):  2.5


Preconceived Notions:  Sort of like my approach to The Killers, I have vaguely enjoyed the scraps I have heard from The Cribs while safely standing on the periphery. Unlike with The Killers however, I did attempt to digest more of The Cribs after hearing hits like Men’s Needs & Hey Scenesters.  Unfortunately, I found that they didn’t hold up for me quite as well the deeper I got into them – and so I pretty much was content to hear a song here and there as they came along.  I haven’t heard anything off of today’s selection however, and I am at least a little intrigued by the appearance of Johnny Marr on this record (as I actually enjoy a lot of his work with Modest Mouse – less of it with The Smiths).

After Listening:  The album opens with The Cribs that I’m familiar with, bright guitars and a driving rhythm and the Jarman boys swapping vocal parts at will.  It was apparent early that this is an album without the strong “hooks” of earlier efforts, and that had me a little disappointed.  And by the time they got to the middle of the 3rd track, I became aware that it was already losing some steam.  The Cribs have an interesting collection of musical influences they seem to grab and release at will – indie, punk, and tinges of 80’s acts all seem to make appearances.  The vocals are a strength as they retain a degree of gritty against even amid the poppiest of musical accompaniments – no matter who’s taking the mic.  In fact, that’s the aspect of the Cribs I think that has the ability to set them apart from a lot of other acts- the ability to use these harsher vocal deliveries against an uber pleasant backdrop and somehow make it work seamlessly. There isn’t enough of that on this album, we get too many moments of either generic indie rock, or in odd moments like City of Bugs a directionless nearly brooding effort. I don’t want brooding Cribs – give me the energetic Cribs – pop sensibilities and all.

Favorite Tracks:  We were Aborted; & Cheat on Me  – The album’s 1st 2 tracks have more than enough homage to the Cribs formula to keep it enjoyable.  Cheat actually has a little bit of an added melodramatic feel that sort of acts as a bridge element to the remainder of the album-which is less energetic.  There’s some great guitar work on both of these tracks, very subtle single note lines and chord tradeoffs.
Ignore the Ignorant – The title track makes an appearance after a string of blah or worse tracks, and that alone is a good thing.  But add in a quirky rhythmic deliver and some nice vocal harmonies and we’ve got a winner.

Least Favorite Tracks:  Emasculate Me – Just generic rock/punk. There’s no payoff here on chorus or breakdown, and it just feels like a song that has had any and all edge removed – be it bright edge or dark – there’s nothing defining about this song in the least.
Last Year’s Snow –  The vocals here are tired and whiny, the backing is a weird lift of random 80’s ballads and Brit rock.  Its medium paced delivery only underscores the song’s deficiencies – boring and droney.

Overall:  3.347 There’s no question that The Cribs have a high ceiling – their abilities with raw and pop elements give them a chance on most tracks of creating something truly listenable with deeper elements besides.  Unfortunately, while the Cribs don’t often bottom out into some unlistenable and cheesy creations- they do often miss achieving the heights they are capable of attaining.  This record seems to be sort of a transitional album for them –as they seem to be mixing in brooding and jammy elements even, and maybe it’s a sound that still has some evolution to go through.  I guess we’ll see when their next album comes out in May, but for now –especially with the fact that Marr left the band, it seems perfectly acceptable to ignore this average effort.

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