Kasabian – Velociraptor!

Well we went a whole week without an English artist, so I guess the club was due.  This is the band’s 4th studio release and was released in Sept 2011.

Kasabian – Velociraptor!

Listen to it here: http://grooveshark.com/#!/playlist/Kasabian+Velociraptor/67055929

Read about it here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Velociraptor!

Fun Fact: The band were soon spotted and changed their name to Kasabian, after Linda Kasabian, a member of the Charles Manson cult (aka the Manson “family”) famous for serving as his getaway driver. In an interview with Ukula, bassist Chris Edwards explained how the former guitarist Chris Karloff picked the name. Reading up on Charles Manson, the Kasabian name stuck with Karloff. “He just thought the word was cool, it literally took about a minute after the rest of us heard it… so it was decided,” says Edwards.[5] Kasabian is a common Armenian surname, originated from the Arabic word, Kasab, meaning a butcher or slaughterer, and suffix (ending) –ian.



RC: Kasabian – Velociraptor!

Preconceptions: Anything that uses a dinosaur and an exclamation point has my attention.

Mood: Super friggin rotten. Returning to work after vacation equals sad times.

After Listening:
It’s so hard to explain what this seems to be about. I don’t know if it’s just the singer or if it’s an entire group named Kasabian. At times I listen to the hooks and choruses and it feels like this album was written to be title tracks for Bond films. I do enjoy it though. I think it would be added to my Franz Ferdinand and Gorillaz playlist. I’d love to hear the singer do a cover of “You Know My Name” from Casino Royale.

In fact, instead of favorite/least favorite… I will pitch a James Bond movie based on the song I am listening to.

Let’s Roll Just Like We Used To – James Bond is tasked to foil the plot of the nefarious clothier. The only way to get close is to pose as a financier of an expensively extravagant dance sequence in a 60’s movie.
Days Are Forgotten – James Bond goes in for surgery on his rotator cuff (because killin’ ain’t easy) and wakes with severe amnesia.
Goodbye Kiss – James Bond takes another break from spylife and decides to visit the seven wonders of the world with Ora Lee, a bikini model ravaged by the final stages of chemotherapy.
La Fee Verte – M goes insane and believes that Noel and Liam Gallagher are fermenters creating a not-so-secret weapon called the “Champagne Supernova”. Bond must get to M before he (or she… I’d love to see Dame Judy Dench tackle this) murders the former band mates.
Velociraptor! – James Bond. In. Space. With. Dinosaurs.
Acid Turkish Bath (Shelter Fro…?) – James Bond infiltrates the world of competitive belly dancing to find the Bathhouse Pearl: the largest natural pearl in existence. The pearl was stolen by Olive Itruff.
I Hear Voices – James Bond is hypnotized by the perilous Dr. Pinwheel and must deal face-to-face with the images of the casualties of his past. Dr. Pinwheel guides him further into his subconscious hoping to trap him in a catatonic state.
Re-wired – Q is desperate. His daughter is falling apart due to advanced stages of MS so he creates a robot suit for her. Unfortunately it falls into the wrong hands and James must disable the technology and bring back the programming chip.
Man of Simple Pleasures – James Bond intentionally starts an “accidental” fight to join the ranks of the competitors in an underground fight club.
Switchblade Smiles – Bond is on the heels of Tamara Graves, a black widow assassin that kills her prey after coitus. Her signature is extending the grin of the victim post mortem. They get word that her next target is the Prime Minister. She is known to frequent the Slaughterhouse, an industrial goth dance space with exposed structural beams and meat hooks hanging from the ceiling.
Neon Noon – James travels to the US to recover her Majesty’s secrets from a fleeing press correspondent. The reporter, Jessica Ridehim, is thought to be hiding in a gimmicky Ghost town in California.

Overall (1-5 stars):  5*
*Okay… That’s more for me than the album.


Kasabian – Velociraptor!: 3.5 stars

Precon: Some breed of rock. I think I’ve heard one or two songs before, maybe on a singles day.

Favorite Track: Goodbye Kiss
Least Favorite: Days Are Forgotten

Days Are Forgotten reminds me of the Good the Bad and the Ugly theme, except with retarded lyrics.
The title track sounds like a commercial.
I like the 80’s synth of I Hear Voices.
I enjoyed it for the most part. An interesting mix of computer noises, orchestral strings and pumping rock. Each track is pretty distinct, which I dug. I wish I liked the guy’s voice a little more, but that’s my only real complaint. The Butchers are cool.

Magic the Gathering Card: Abattoir Ghoul


Kasabian: Velociraptor!

Preconceived Notions:  I’ve heard OF these guys, but never an album.  Also, just to throw this out there, this is one of the British picks that I did NOT make, though listening to these guys has crossed my mind once or twice.  The general consensus I always got from them was something borderline laughable and not entirely original.  Is this where I admit that I’m not infallible?

As Listening:

Oh, a gong…always a great starting place, and the trumpet tendrils that always sound like they’re  threatening to break into the 2001: A Space Odyssey music.  Although once “Let’s Roll Just Like We Used To” gets going, it is bop-inducing.  There’s something about the undercurrent that feels like it should have been played during a Roger Moore Bond movie.

The lead singer’s voice is neither impressive nor memorable.  There’s a bit of a Damon Albarn tone mixed with the languid, semi-sober delivery of Liam Gallagher.

“Goodbye Kiss” reminds me of the lost art of the tambourine, and beyond that, it seems like a written-by-numbers song that I should like.  The string section, the easily swayed-to, clap-able beat, the snapping around 2:40, the vague melancholy.  But that’s exactly the problem.  It all feels carefully pieced together, not organic.  Maybe this shouldn’t be a complaint, but for me, for this album it is.

Despite the lyrical Beatles reference and the borrowing from their trippier arrangements on “La Fee Verte” I can’t bring myself to dislike this song, especially when the chorus kicks in.  I think actually, the choruses are where the strength of these guys lie, more of a pop sensibility.

Velociraptor! Nearly had me laughing out loud at the beginning.  It’s such a jarring tempo change, but then it started to sound like a Gorillaz parody and I started to really enjoy it.  It sounds like the song that would be playing during a chase scene in a Fast & Furious movie directed by Quentin Tarantino.  I’ll admit, that’s the only Fast & Furious movie I’d pay to see.

There is so much synth on “I Hear Voices”…so much synth

Re-Wired kind of just throws everything in there, doesn’t it, but there’s something about this song that hooked me.

After Listening: Despite the last couple of songs not really being my cup of tea, I have to give the band credit for the change ups, all of which work here.  However, I think this is definitely an album that relies more on production than on sheer talent of the band.  I did like 85% of the stuff, and really liked 30% but overall, it’s kind of a forgettable listen.  I’d be able to easily put this album on when I was driving and tap my hands to some of it, and zone out for more of it.  None of the lyrics feel tied to any of the music and it all just kind of seems to be pieced together like a rock/pop Frankenstein.  I doubt it will go pillaging the village though.  Lots of influence from other bands are on show, but since they’re bands I more or less like, I can’t really fault them.

Favorite track: La Fee Verte & Velociraptor!- this is a weird combo, but for some reason it worked for me
Least Favorite: Switchblade Smiles-everything was going good until the strained yodeling sets in.  The beat is strong here, but the vocals don’t live up to the hype.

Overall: 2.9


Kasabian – Velociraptor!

Preconceptions: Kasabian is one of the mid-noughties Britpop bands I should like but never listened to.

After Listening: Spacier than expected, and much less dinocentric than advertized.

“Clever Girl”: Velociraptor, Let’s Roll…, La Fee Vert, Switchblade Smiles
“Six Foot Turkey”: Days are Forgotten, Re-Wired

Overall: The opening gong and gyoto-ish drone with trumpet-in-the-mensroom overlay quickly gives way to another 21st Century Bond theme. A detour into Neil Diamond territory is corrected by a Lennon/McCartneyesque ode to absinthe, the titular dinojam, the London bloody Philharmonic, what may be a cover of a lost Pet Shop Boys song, the other total clunker, and a three-genre sprint to the finish. I will be adding the title song to my Top Songs About Dinosaurs list.

Rating: 4.1
Prelisten Guess: 3.9
Season To Date: +.44

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