Josh’s Musings-At Folsom Prison

Preconceived notions: I like Johnny Cash but haven’t heard a whole album.

Favorite track: Cocaine Blues

Least favorite track: The one that goes bummm bummm bummm bum-bum, bummm bummm bummm bum-bum.

Johnny Cash was absolutely perfect for this.

The plugging along rhythm gets monotonous at times.

It’s funny when June starts making a joke and Johnny’s like “just do the song.”

The prison setting really adds something to the album, especially at the end when it hits you that these guys are going back to their cells after one of the greatest moments of their life. Shared experiences make things more enjoyable and usually the more the person you’re sharing it with enjoys it, the more you’re gonna enjoy it. Sharing the moment with these guys made me appreciate it a hell of a lot more.

4 stars

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