Johnny Cash – At Folsom Prison

You’ve heard of the Man in Black right?  And I’m not just referring to some ambiguous villain in a Stephen King novel.  I’m talking about Johnny Cash, the man who helped to usher in a new era of country music.  The whole outlaw image worked out pretty well for Mr. Cash, and what better place to build a reputation like that than at a prison?  Since he never actually served hard time (a single night in jail doesn’t qualify as time, it just qualifies as a story), he did the next best thing and recorded his iconic live album, well, like the title says, At Folsom Prison.  It went on to become, by most standards today, a classic.

If you want to know more, you can certainly check out the Wikipedia.  You didn’t think that Joaquin Phoenix wrote all of those songs did you?!  Never trust a man who says he’s going to quit acting to become a rapper AND feels like frogs might just nest in his hair.  If you’re interest is at least piqued by wondering just how excited a prison crowd could be or if you just miss the sound of slide guitar, you can go ahead and listen to the first track:

If you want to hear the rest:

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