Sid Vicious – Sid Sings

I hope 9 am isn’t too late to get started what with the early bird special last week.  I’m having minor tremors and that’s either the Albuterol pumping through my system or it means I’m anxious about this pick.  Fate or karma or whatever your chosen belief-system includes, has decided that it’s time for Sid Vicious Tuesday.That’s right everyone, it’s time to buck up and take it with :
Sid Sings

Ali: It’s okay Marissa. He dead. He can’t stab you.
Riss: I almost made a crack about it being a posthumous album but I couldn’t settle on the right tone.  It’s a tough line to tread for jokes
Ali: I have very little sympathy for a dude that stabs a bitch.



RC: Sid Vicious – Sid Sings

Oh thank goodness I’m in the mood to listen to a train wreck today.

After Listening:
Did they put a used prosthetic foot over the recording tools? Not only was it hard to hear the music, it stinks. How do I know it’s not worth buying? Rdio didn’t even bother to pay the rights to get it. Don’t get me wrong. Sid & Nancy was a compelling movie (one of my favorites actually), but it’s better to pretend that it’s not a biopic. Plus, Gary Oldman does Sid Vicious more justice than Sid could ever do for himself. I do however love his cover of My Way. Probably because he manages to sound more arrogant than Sinatra, and I think that’s really hard to accomplish.
I think that the only saving grace to this is that it’s so short. I’m pretty sure that Sid Sleeps is an even better album.

Favorite track/tracks:
My Way

Least favorite track/tracks:
Search and Destroy – I have heard so many covers of this, I didn’t think it was possible for me to hate this song. It’s disappointing.

Overall (1-5 stars):   0.45
I figured that since I only gave Nas a 0.5 for liking one of his 10 songs, Sid gets the same grading system but gets less due to that extra song.


Sid Vicious – Sid Sings: 1.5 stars

Precon: It’s gonna be some kind of train wreck. He couldn’t even play the bass, so I don’t hold out much hope for his singing.

Favorite Track: I Wanna Be Your Dog. The riff carries it.
Least Favorite: Born to Lose. Maybe the worst audio of all the tracks. Funny that they lead off the album with it.

The audio is so bad. I don’t know why this was released. Sounds like it was recorded on cassette in someone’s basement.
The crowd interaction is kinda funny. Let’s have more of that.
I was relieved when he stopped doing The Count from Sesame Street underwater and started doing a Johnny Rotten impression on “My Way.”
The fact that it’s all covers is good and bad. Bad for what he does to the songs, good because it’s likely more palatable than 10 original compositions would have been.
I guess his singing isn’t the worst, though it’s pretty bad. You know when the cornerback drops a pick and the announcer always has to say that’s why he’s not a receiver? It’s like that. Sid really should have just been a hype man, but instead of running around telling people to put their hands up, he would just sneer and berate the audience. Wait, that’s what he did anyway. Well, he wouldn’t be holding an instrument in this case.
Obviously, an album full of horrible to fair covers of decent to good songs all with wretched sound quality should never see the light of day unless it’s a bonus disc in some kind of retrospective box set. Someone just wanted to make a buck here.

Magic the Gathering Card: “Abomination”


Sid Vicious-Sid Sings:

Preconceived Notions: Sex Pistols….Nancy Spungeon …punk…. knives….booze…drugs….bloodied…shirtless…let’s get this over with as quickly as possible.  Yes, I’m treating this album like a used band-aid

After Listening: I have a feeling that ultimately, I’m grateful for the grainy audio.  I doubt that this is one of those albums that, if it just had a cleaner, crisper production on it, it would be immensely improved.  I tend to like the guitar parts, and the parts when Sid is, in fact not singing.  He sounds kind of like a punk, slurring Bob Dylan, with a less nasally tone, at least on the first two tracks.  Despite the fact that “Take a Chance With Me” seems to really just be that phrase repeated over the last minute and a half, it’s definitely a step up from the first two tracks.  It sounds heavier than I normally associate with punk, until the chorus comes in.  I wish someone could have been living in my brain when I heard what I think of as The Monkees “I’m Not Your Steppin’ Stone” come on.  The song isn’t harmed by the arrangement, and because I’m most familiar with it, it will probably end up being my favorite, unless one of the following tracks really blows me away. Also, there’s someone very close to a mic, but I don’t think it’s Sid Vicious, who just keeps making drunken Yowling and Whooping noises.  It’s hilarious.  My favorite part of this track is at the end someone yells “You’re a Poser”.  I guess I just don’t get intentionally trying to make something terrible like the opening verse on “My Way”.  It sounds like someone told a 3-year old to impersonate the grandparent that they don’t like.

I want to know just how much of “Sid Vicious” was an act.  I like the live atmosphere of the album and that you can hear the audience heckling.  Every time he speaks though, it’s like he’s wondering what line with pack the most amount of venom for a reaction.  Is that all part of it?  I guess I just don’t normally want to associate feeling antagonized with listening to music.  All of the technical stuff is already well-documented, he wasn’t a particularly talented musician and the stuff here is pretty bare bones, but for all of my hemming and hawing, it wasn’t awful, it was just generic with a dash of poisonous personality.

Favorite Track: I’m Not Your Steppin’ Stone (although I do like it better when the crazy behind the mic is Mickey Dolenz )
Least Favorite Track: The opening of “My Way”  and his version of “I Wanna Be Your Dog”

Overall: 2.8


Preconceived Notions:  A Sid Vicious does covers album seems to be pushing the rules of RC.  But I suppose 80% of Willie Nelson’s Red Headed Stranger were covers too – so I guess.  Ugh.  Maybe I’m just looking for ways to get out of this.  I have to say that I particularly loathe The Sex Pistols, and see them more as a bad joke than a musical movement.  I can’t imagine Mr Vicious sans pistoles is much better.

After Listening: Believe me I wanted to find some positives about this album, b/c I am all about the spirit of Record Club pushing experimental boundaries – so we don’t get 20 or 30 of the same style album.  Unfortunately, this one was a tough one to make a case for.  The recording is trash audio quality wise.  I mean if that’s part of the “style” of your record you need to not make any more records – just play out live, in a garage and have a grand old time. But to actually put this out sounding like this-well it’s an insult to 4 track home recording everywhere.  It’s a glorified home cassette recording that sounds like it was done in an empty garage – except everything sounds hollow and sterilized even beyond that.  The music itself doesn’t help, the generic medium pace three chord punk arrangements that dominate most of the album are largely interchangeable from one song to the next – which is very odd when you consider they are all covers of completely different artists!

I guess if you’re looking to positives you’d have to look in the area where this album attempts to differentiate itself, and that would be on the vocals.  Vicious tries to put his vocal spin on everything and with the exception of “My Way” (which I am sure I have heard before) – where he’s overly dramatic, you can’t really tell any of the other songs have much effort put into them.

His crowd interventions – smack of insincerity to me.  I usually don’t make those remarks about musicians, but this isn’t on his song arrangements, but rather his flippant insults.  Dude, you’re trying way too hard “not to care”.   I agree largely with the random twat (to use Sid’s parlance) that yelled out “You’re a poser” at the beginning of My Way.  He left that in as a conscious choice (if not a plant) to prove he didn’t care what anyone thought….well dude, you do – and it’s obvious.

I have no thoughts on separating out most of these tracks.

Overall .72  This is an album for Sid Vicious fans only – of which I can’t say I’m one.  And even then, fans of Sid might get a little worn out by a vanity project as terribly arranged and recorded as this.  Many people might consider My way  on this to be his worst, but I’ve come back to it again and again in this review, b/c it’s really the only one with any unique style to it.  If Sid was serious about tracing some of his personal musical history and makeup as an artist, this album could’ve been interesting – but as it is, it’s just band practice for a garage band just trying to make it through a set.


Sid Vicious – Sid Sings

Preconceptions: This is one of my curiosity picks. Have never heard the album besides My Way at the end of Goodfellas, and frankly, fu*ck Sid Vicious. But I think this is something I should have heard by my late age, so why not. I assume its suck-tastic in every way.

After Listening: Yeah, that sucks… bad. But so does a lot of punk rock, if I’m being honest. I will admit though, although Sid was a self destructive buffoon, I can’t help but notice that there is some potential in his singing voice—in the punk sense, of course. Perhaps if he wasn’t a bananas bonkers balls-to-the-wall crazy drug addict, he could have transitioned into being a dickhead front man for some NY band. Whatever, he sucks, and I don’t particularly care for the Pistols very much, either, not that he was ever a true member of that band.

Favorites: My Way, Tae a Chance on Me
Least: Search and Destroy

Overall: 1.8 stars


Sid Vicious – Sid Sings (poorly)

Preconceptions: I’ve heard it. It’s low quality audio from a terrible show by a train wreck at his most train-wrecky.

After Listening: That was worse than I remember.

Peak: The only good thing to come out of this album is the karaoke version of My Way, which I use to annoy the Sinatra worshipers who take singing in a bar way too seriously.
Week: Everything else

Overall: As the aging punk rocker in the club, let me clear something up about Sid Vicious: No one likes this album (except 13 year-old kids new to the punk rawk who haven’t learned they don’t have to like it.)
Sid Vicious was more a media stunt than a musician, which is why he didn’t even play on the Sex Pistols’ only real album. His huge heroin habit was encouraged by Malcolm McClaren and others who were making money off the circus. After he quit McClaren’s boy band, he settled into his final run in NYC. This album is mostly from one of his last shows in New York before Nancy Spungen’s stabbing and Sid’s arrest and overdose.
It’s hardly worth mentioning the poor audio quality because even a crystal clear recording would still be a crystal clear recording of Sid Vicious slowly dying. The majority of these songs are covers of NYC punk pioneers whom the hostile audience has probably seen dozens of times. If it’s at all useful, this album can be seen as a study in the conflicting philosophies of the early NYC and London punk scenes. Please click my Extra Credit playlist with the original releases of some of these songs.

Rating: 0.3
Prelisten rating: 2.3
Season to date: -0.58

Extra Credit:


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