Mike Phirman – The Very Last Songs I Will Ever Record (Part 1)

It’s odd, because I’m pretty sure this is our very first comedy album, (somewhat) ironically titled The Very Last Songs I Will Ever Record Pt. 1




RC: Mike Phirman – The Very Last Songs I Will Ever Record (Part 1)Preconceptions:
This was my pick because I absolutely adore comedy music and Mike Phirman is both 1. hilarious and 2. a gentleman. If I can get any money thrown his way I figure that is the best I can do. Plus? You should follow him on twitter @phirm. He and Chris Hardwick are Hard ‘N’ Phirm, a comedy music duo that have so much singing about nerdy things.
If you saw the Nerdist Pilot on BBCAmerica, Mike Phirman was the musician shoved into the corner that went by “Mike Phirman and the Just Me Tones”After Listening:
I still love this album. I love that I can listen to it and still laugh. I LOVE how “Weird Al” Yankovic popped in for a few songs.
“Wookie” isn’t a part of the album, but I wanted to hear it. Now that I have, he would be completely sued by LucasFilm due to the clips pulled from the movies.

Favorite track/tracks:
Chicken Monkey Duck – I love that this is both a catchy song to sing and is also hysterical to see live. He made a slide show to go with it.
One for Them & One for Me
Beginner’s Spanish (Sec 13)

Least favorite track/tracks:
I can honestly say that I listen to this album in its entirety when I listen to it, so I don’t think there is a song that I don’t like. I’m not the biggest fan of Clear the Floor, but I still think it’s hysterical and well thought out.

Overall (1-5 stars):   5 BOO-YAH!


Mike Phirman-The Very Last Songs I will Ever Record (Part 1)
Preconceived Notions-I have only heard of Mike Phirman through other people.  I know this will be a comedy album and that’s about it.
Lollytown actually sounds a lot like some of the songs from the Juno soundtrack
Street Meat- pretty impressive word play and just a straight up great title for a song
One For Them- really picks up once the adoption agency is brought in to it.  I didn’t see that twist coming
Irony & Wine-well, bravo to you sir.
Do Just What I Say-I’m pretty sure he just wanted a reason to use his (admittedly good) Australian accent
After Listening- I haven’t listened to many comedy albums, so I don’t have a lot to compare it to, but for me, this was just ok.  I think I wanted more.  I wanted more parody songs, and a lot of the time, the joke seemed just too easy.  When the wordplay was good, it was excellent.  There’s a lot of intelligence there, which I appreciate, but for an album, it just wasn’t defined enough for me.  Or maybe that was part of the joke.  I’ll probably download Sketchy Dudes and Your Wookie though.
Favorite Track – Sketchy Dudes – that’s just a catchy tune, at least the first part.  But also a pretty good use of Autotune
Your Wookie- oh come on now.  I mean, how could anyone familiar with pop culture not find this, at the very least amusing.
Least Favorite Track: Chicken Monkey Duck (I have issues with things of a repetitive nature…that aren’t Jane Austen novels)
Overall: 3


Preconceptions: I’m not adverse to comedy albums – heck I’ve seen Weird Al at least 6 times in concert.  I own the HBO Flight of the Conchords Dvds, when the number of dvds I own is under 10, and I generally respect the effort.  I have heard “Chicken Monkey Duck” somewhere before…I didn’t hate it…After Listening:  I always feel like a musical comedy act needs to have both comedy and decent music.  Otherwise, just cut yourself a standup cd and be done with it.  At moments on this record I felt like the music was being largely ignored…at other moments, it was quite literally the key prop gimmick (cf “Clear the Floor”) .  It’s clever enough, but I never feel like these would be songs I would come back to…too many of them have basically one idea that’s funny and it just doesn’t seem engaging.

Favorite Tracks:  “Chicken Monkey Duck”  – offers nothing lyrically, but it’s got a solid beat and the tones of the synth are classic old 70’s/80’s style disco dance.
“Street Meat” – Wow,  Weird Al.  Well at least Mike’s connected.  Another one with fairly strong musical construction – most white rap is best left in the comedy realm.  Lyrics are hit and miss…but the premise of a guy being taunted by meat makes silly rhymes like “I know peta wouldn’t approve of what you put in that pita”  tolerable.

Least Favorite Tracks: “Irony and wine” – feels like this idea has been done a lot.
“Lollytown”  – see above.

Overall 2.9   Just not me.  Some of the songs are clever enough, but they aren’t laugh out loud ideas- and overall they’re not catchy or well crafted enough to enjoy simply as music.  I’m sure this dude is hella smart, and wicked funny…but there isn’t a lot of that here.  Feels a little generic and for a comedy record that’s about the last thing you want, an inability for your listeners to take away at least one unique joke, image, or musical hit.  Good for maybe an internal chuckle now and then, but you can see most of them coming a mile away and it isn’t worth the wait.


Preconceptions: I own this. Ali was with me when I bought it off Mr. Phirman in a Polynesian restaurant in Chicopee, MA.After Listening: I like the late 80’s synth

Favorite Tracks:  Indie (that’s my jam, son) reminds me of the Vandals or NoFX. The best segment of Sketchy Dude is the R Kellyish autotuned nightmare.
Least Favorite Tracks: Chicken Monkey Duck doesn’t work without the set up from the live show.

Overall: I like comedy albums and I like Mike Phirman. I have seen his live show, which is both standup and music. I bought the CD because good road comics need the validation. What surprised my was the replay value of the album. I thought it’d be a play once and file situation, but I still put it in every so often, mostly for Indie.

Rating: 3.0
Pre listening guess: 3.0
Season to Date: +0.92

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