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Well, by the people’s demand, what seems to be our second to last album before the next onslaught begins is the self-titled album from Manchester’s Stone Roses.Here’s the playlist:’m including a bonus track from a re-release, but it’s the last song so you can either choose to listen to it, or not)

Also, if you’re unfamiliar with the band, Wikipedia can explain the origins to you:

On a side note, hopefully by the end of today we’ll have our finalized list for next round starting up, so there’s that for a Thursday



Stone Roses – Stone Roses: 3.5 stars

Precon: English rock band that Chris Ryan likes.

Favorite Track: Made of Stone
Least Favorite: Shoot You Down

Heavy 80’s vibe from the rhythm section on the first track. Turns out this album is from the 80’s. Well there you go.
Bye Bye Badman is good, though it sounds like Every Breath You Take at times.
The brief Elizabeth My Dear reminds me of Irish folk music, and I don’t even know any Irish folk music.
Everything comes together on Made of Stone. It would be even better if they kicked it up a notch, something I would mind them doing a little more overall.
Not terribly appealing to me but good pretty much the whole way through.


Preconceived Notions:  Sounds Englishly to me. Not sure how I feel about that, seems like we’ve had a good deal of English bands in this RC and my approval ratings are less than 50% on our teeth challenged brethren.

After Listening:  Damn that’s an averagely poppy record.  So averagely poppy it’s immediately forgettable.  I mean wow, all of these sound like songs written for a terrible network drama about the lives and loves of the average American teenager.  Seems almost like if Friends was an English early 90’s sitcom and these guys were the “house band”.  There are some psychedelic references (like the beginning of “Don’t Stop” & the “Scarborough fair” theme of “Elizabeth my Dear”) in the musical construction that seem to mimic without outright mocking hippies….I’d wager a large sum more than one of these dudes were the children of hippies.  But even this additional element seems like something is forced, like these guys just learned how to play that psychedelic stuff yesterday and are cramming it in, in the hopes it will fill out measures. The guitar tones on this have moments where they border on being interesting, but they are buried beneath sort of a wandering and lost format.  You know for guys that wanted to be the outsiders and cultivate a “cool” image a lot of this is pure wuss pop rock.

Favorite Tracks:   “I am the Resurrection/Fools Gold ” – It’s baffling but I shouldn’t have enjoyed an even longer version of the mediocre crap most of this album spews, but somehow over a long format this becomes slightly more tolerable. Maybe because in longer form you can hear some of the tempo and mood changes that you don’t hear in the other songs….you get some energy and development instead of one medium paced, medium energy pop rock by numbers song.  Neither of these songs are “must listens”, but their psychedelic and jam style elements work much better when drawn out.  It’s a very odd phenomena, but my guess is that repetition that actually has a dynamic arc is more palatable than repetition that is going to stick to a shorter repetitive structure of verse-chorus-verse-chorus-bridge-chorus.  Nothing sounds crammed in on these tracks, and you get the idea these guys might actually be musicians.
Least Favorite:  Everything else.

Overall 1.64325  I just don’t get this record.  Maybe it’s a lot of social context I’m missing having no introduction really to theManchester music scene of the late 80’s.  I can hear how these guys influenced others- there’s certainly elements in here that sound like early Oasis demos.  Ultimately there’s nothing offensive about this album (unless you don’t enjoy the lead vocals-they seem to hit and miss as well), but it almost exists like a void to me.  On just the merits of the actual songs on the record, and not the scene they were involved in-or the influences they generated I didn’t really enjoy this anymore than someone who “sorta liked” that music in the last car commercial.


Stone Roses

Preconceptions: Ya know what? I have no clue about this band. I remember hearing their name and seeing their CDs on shelves back in the early 90s, but I don’t know what the shit this is. “Alternative”? Indie? Grunge? Who knows?

After Listening: Oh, this is straight rock with pop leanings. I honestly don’t have any strong feelings about this record, to be honest. It’s not really my thing, for the most part—but it sounds pretty well performed and I sense some real passion and effort behind it. Now that I know its British, I’ll give it credit for not sounding as obnoxiously British as Oasis, which is a band I just can’t understand all the hype about. So fine, even though there’s no direct reason for a comparison to Oasisi, lets summarize by saying—they don’t sound like Oasis, and that makes them ok in my book.

Favorites: This is the One, I am the Resurrection
Least: eh, nothing in particular

Overall: 3.3 stars

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