Paul’s Perceptions-Red Headed Stranger


Preconceptions: To be honest, I’m not very familiar with Willie, other than his very popular songs and his affinity for pot.


After Listening: I enjoyed this record immensely. After listening I’d have to say that I would call myself a fan, if only a very new fan of Willie’s. I was expecting to feel the same as Josh—bored by it—but instead I was engaged the whole time with the songs on the record, and while they are relaxing, as Josh also pointed out, it wasn’t to the point of simply lulling me into a trance or anything like that. Great voice, great lyrics, real country music, and an overall great time.


Favorites: I Couldn’t Believe it was True, and Red Headed Stranger


Least: Bonaparte’s Retreat (it’s just sorta silly, I think)


Overall: 3.8 stars


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