Paul’s Perceptions – The Big Gundown

Preconceptions: No idea really. I’ve heard the name here and there, and I think its like some avante garde type stuff, but not sure of what variety.

After Listening: Ya know something, overall I’d say I kinda dig this record. I have yet to listen to the Morricone originals to compare, but the Morricone thing definitely helped to keep me engaged, and I think that was beneficial to me liking this. I’d say this is pretty digestible and accessible for a person with more linear musical brain cells. I also want to listen to the Morricone originals now, which is something I probably would have never have thought to do. Good record and in the spirit of what record club is supposed to be about.

Favorite: Milano Odea and Erotico
Least: Peur Sur Laville

Overall: 3.5 stars

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