Chris’ Cuts-Red Headed Stranger

Precon: My Willie prejudice is always that he’s boring. I haven’t heard much of him at all, so I admit that’s totally unfounded, but that’s what I think of, just some cowboy hippie strummin’ and wailin’ and me not really caring. The fugitive concept is interesting though.

Favorite Track: Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain

Least Favorite: Can I Sleep in Your Arms?

I was hoping my uninformed judgements of Willie would be dead wrong, but they were mostly right. I just find him boring. If I wanted to put a positive spin on it, I would say that his music is soothing, but even that placid, drifting-off-around-a-campfire vibe is frequently disrupted when his voice hits an annoying pitch. I do like his voice at certain times, like on Blue Eyes, where it’s very expressive. The ragtimey piano was fun, but bordering on funny, which might not be good. Also, the concept didn’t do all that much for me. Don’t think I’ll be listening to this again unless I need to go to sleep.


Overall: 2 stars

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