Josh’s Musings – The Big Gundown

John Zorn – The Big Gundown: 3.5 stars

Precon: A bunch of noises that don’t mean a lot to me but are supposedly good. I like the Morricone angle. I’m 83% sure I’d like this better than a regular John Zorn album.

Favorite Track: Battle of Algiers
Least Favorite: Tre Nel 5000

The first 30 seconds sound like one of those commercials for the Trans-Siberian Orchestra. Then it turns into a foley track.
I liked the repeating piano scale on the second track, but it really began to wear on me. I had a bit of a headache by the end, and the heart thumping sound seemed very appropriate. Another few minutes of that piano and I would surely have descended into madness.
The third track proved a salve to my aching head.
Oh no, track 4 is sending me back down the spiral. Whew, it was over before any real damage set in.
The climax of Erotica was pretty annoying. The theme here seems to be that I want to rip my headphones off by the end of the song.
Battle of Algiers stayed on a more or less even keel. Seemed a little crazy at first but didn’t ramp up the craziness as it went along.
Metamorfosi was interesting until the screaming got too annoying. At least this guy’s consistent.
Tre Nel 5000? Channel surfing in the twilight zone. Now he’s just f-ing around.
The last song surprised me by having lyrics. It seemed silly at first, then I really started to dig the meter. “NO one knows BET-ter than Mc-CAIN…” That’s some good lyrical rhythm.
Sounds like what it is: movie soundtracks made into experimental jazz. Interesting to music buffs much like a single take movie is interesting to film students. A pretty wild creation that often reminds us how much we take silence for granted. Not necessarily a bad thing. We need people who push boundaries. And even when I felt like I couldn’t take a song anymore, that usually meant it was over, and then there was a nice kind of refractory period. The only thing is, I have no idea how to rate this. I liked some elements, disliked others, watched even more fly over my head. An arbitrary 3.5 sounds good.

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