Seth Surmises – Goodbye Yellow Brick Road

Elton John – Goodbye Yellow Brick Road: 3 stars

Precon: Not a fan of Sir Elton.

After Listening: aaaand that’s why.

Favorite Track: Saturday Night’s Alright For Fighting is exactly that: alright.
Least Favorite: Almost everything else, But Jamaica Jerkoff stands out as the worst. The worst of this album, and the worst song the record club has exposed be to so far. I’m pretty sure this is what all reggae sounds like to 40.

Overall: The deeper cuts are as vapid and smaltzy as the hits. I have friends who enjoy this album unironically, but I will never get it. I also don’t get Spaghetti-Ohs and Natural Light.

Rating: 2.5

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Seth (in a nutshell) is an aging punk rocker and five year resident of Cubistan, taking the office job after many years in music & fashion retail. He is a lifelong New England resident, with the exception of a year spent in Orlando Florida, the armpit of the universe. He is a skeptical cynic with a hairtrigger bullshit detector. Seth lives in Brass City, Connecticut with his wife, Vicki; his cat, Norwegian Black Metal; and his wife’s cat, who’s name he forgets.

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