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Elton John – Goodbye Yellow Brick Road: 3 stars

Precon: Elton John. I’ve been curious about this album too, so I’m glad we’re listening to it. I know the title track of course, and I’m sure it has at least one other hit on it.

Favorite Track: Goodbye Yellow Brick Road. Not because it’s the title track and I know it already, if anything it’s hurt by being somewhat effed out by soft rock radio stations, but because his high pitched wailing is almost perfect on this one.
Least Favorite: Jamaica Jerk-Off. Because wtf.

The opening is kind of psychedelic, proggy even.
Bennie and the Jets is weird with the computer keyboard noises at the end. I must have never heard the whole thing. I’m much more familiar with the Biz Markie version.
Haha why did he just turn into Jimmy Buffett with the Jamaica song?
Dirty Little Girl is…interesting. “Grab that bitch by the ears,” jeez. Did she give Bernie Taupin VD or something?
Your Sister Can’t Twist But She Can Rock n Roll continues the tradition of pop songs about underage girls, which has gone by the wayside in recent years. It was also the precursor to “My grandma can’t wrestle but you should see her box.”
He sounds like Bowie at times on Harmony.
This album is a bit of a sprawling mess, but your enjoyment of it should correlate directly to how much you like Elton John. If you love him, you should think it’s awesome, if you don’t mind him you should think it’s ok, and so on. I wanted to bump up the rating a little more for the high points, but the cheesy stuff is keeping it grounded.

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