Paul’s Perceptions – New Clear Days

The Vapors – New Clear Days

Preconceptions: I know Turning Japanese like the rest of the universe, and that’s about all. The name “The Vapors” makes me think of rap music—is there any early hip hop involved in this? It also reminds me of a line in the Vanilla Ice movie Cool As Ice. That movie is awesomely bad.

After Listening: This is good time popish punkish kinda stuff. I can dig it, for the most part. Turning Japanese, although it is the mainstream hit from the album, is also probably the best track overall. I also dig how there is a fair amount of political and social commentary going on with this record. Makes sense in this era of brit pop/punk. I like this stuff and overall it’s a good listen. Might actually download some of this. We’ll see.

Favorites: Turning Japanese and Letter from Hiro
Least: Trains

Overall: 3.9 stars

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