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Pre-Conceived Notions:  Of course, I’ve heard “Turning Japanese”.  My parents moved out from under the rock right before I turned 10.  I guess that would lead to me assuming that this is going to be 80s-tastic.  I see no problem so far.

As Listening/After Listening:  How have I never turned down this alley before?!?!  It must have been so close to my alley, that I just never noticed it before.  British-check.  Eighties-check.  Songs that sound like they come from a really good movie-check.  They remind me of a poppier, less whiny version of The Smiths.  I could listen to this quite a bit in the future.  Thanks, Record Club.

Bunkers- There’s something about the guitar sound on here that I really like.
News At Ten- This song has soundtrack written all over it.  There’s a bit of storytelling, a driving, yet soft and accessible melody.  It’s impossible not to connect with this one, I’d think.

Least Favorites:
Turning Japanese-I know it’s the most well-known single, but I never realize how these things happen.  I suppose it was the most club-accessible but it sounds nothing like the rest of the album, and in all honesty, I was kind of nervous about all of them sounding equally as schizophrenic.  It’s not a bad song, it’s just that I prefer the others more.

Overall: 4.7

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