Seth Surmises – 6 Feet Deep

Gravediggaz – 6 Feet Deep

Preconceptions: I hear they are like the Geto Boys made of East Coast 90s rap superstars. “Horrorcore” rap interests the sci-fi nerd in me.

After Listening: Oh, I get it. It’s “What if ICP wasn’t stupid and talentless?”

Fav Trax: Constant Elevation, Nowhere To Run To
Wack Trax: 360 Questions

Overall: 6 Feet Deep is a cartoonish take on violence that is refreshing considering the late 80’s/early 90’s West Coast uber-earnest celebration of the same themes. Musically, it’s not surprising that WTC comes to mind as it’s RZA deleting all the kung-fu movies from his Netflix in favor of low budget slasher flicks.

Rating: 3.99 (Better than most hip-hop recorded after the genre started making money.)

Extra (street) Cred: Japanese horrorpunk’s Balzac – Beyond the Darkness

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