Paul’s Perceptions – 6 Feet Deep

Preconceptions: I know I’ve heard this whole album before, but it must be a looooong time ago. I liked, I think

After Listening: Pretty good. It has a very distinctively 90s hip hop sound to it, but at the same time kind of feels ahead of its time a bit. Being at work, I wasn’t able to focus in on the lyrics as well as I would have liked to, but I caught enough to know that there are definitely some really competent rhymes goin’ on. The off beat delivery is cool and falls short of sounding gimmicky, which in retrospect, is an unfortunate trap some 90s rap falls into. Pretty cool and mostly really good.

Faves: Nowhere to Run (Anyone know what the background sample on this song is? I know it from a song off A Tribe Called Quest’s first album, but I don’t know if its original to them, or lifted from some earlier song). 2 Cups of Blood is also good
Least: 6 Feet Deep—I don’t know, I just don’t really dig it.

Overall: 3.9

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