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Pre-Conceived Notions: Oh good, another hip hop album/ what the heck is horrorcore?

After Listening:  I don’t know why I feel like every album we listen to is hip hop.  It must be because it’s the genre that I’m least familiar with and so every album that I listen to feels like it’s hard work because I feel like my attention should be so focused.  Inevitably my mind wanders and the lyrics come to quickly for me to make up my mind about most things.  I mean this group is called Gravediggaz, so I wasn’t expecting unicorns and sunshine and harmonies, but I just didn’t feel like there was anything there that was that challenging or unexpected.  I have no nostalgic allegiance to this record, which I surprisingly feel kind of badly about.  However, I did like the way it was overtly pop-culturally informed on some tracks (most notably the Ferris Bueller reference in 1-800-suicide and the Jim Croce on Here Come the Gravediggaz) but on the whole, the beats caused me to zone out, not to be drawn in.

Favorite track: Here Come the Gravediggaz- There’s some piano, some 1940s feeling Looney Tunes/Twilight Zone sounds underneath and the intro hooked me.
Least Favorite Track: 2 Cups of Blood- I just can’t get past the sensory implication at the beginning.

Overall – 3.0  I feel like this is a difficult album to listen to at work.  I know that there’s more going on lyrically and I should be giving more attention to that, but when I’m trying to figure out the parent company for WhoNu? Cookies, I’m not paying attention to what I’m certain is probably a more intricate album than I heard this first time.  Unfortunately, I needed something else, beyond the overtly death-centric themes, for me to take notice.

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